Combining Intent Data With Predictive Analytics to Enhance ABM Initiatives 

ABM has established itself as a mainstay for B2B companies, some 54% of marketers plan to use ABM in 2020, Demand Gen Report data shows. But as organizations grow in size and complexity, the challenges of ABM execution grow, too. In order to simplify the complexity found in larger sales and marketing organizations, and to create better targeting, engagement with decision-makers, and accelerate sales, a growing number of these enterprise marketers are turning to intent data and predictive analytics solutions for help.
This report will provide insights into how programs combining intent data and predictive analytics can:
  • Make sales teams more efficient by identifying the right accounts to focus on at the right time;
  • Stand up the right campaigns to orchestrate effective handoffs between marketing and sales teams;
  • Improve reengagement rates by responding to anonymous signals with logical next-step actions and relevant messaging; and
  • Shorten the average number of days to close by several weeks with the right intelligence on account interests and pain points.


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Let’s face it. ABM is a simple concept. But, in the enterprise, simple is hard!
There’s only one ABM platform determined enterprise worthy.
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